Assemblers and Reactors do not respect inventory block permissions

Engi shared this bug 23 months ago

So now that we have ONLY 10,000 PCU, we have to find ways to conserve and/or share PCU. So I have made a faction station that shares functional blocks like reactors and assemblers. Each member has their own large cargo container on the station only they have access to so they can store cargo there and have it be safe in the safe zone. However, if any member uses the base assembler or their connected ships assemblers or sets their connected ships reactors to "use conveyor", those blocks pull ingots out of other members cargo containers that are normally locked to other users in order to assemble parts or fill reactors. So cargo block permissions are pointless as non allowed players can pull ingots from those blocks with their assemblers and reactors. Please make assemblers and reactors respect block permissions.

Refineries and O2/H2 generators are a little more difficult to decide how they should respect permissions. For example we want the base refineries to process ore on the station no matter where it is but when someone docks a ship, their refineries pull valuable ore from locked containers onto their ships refineries. So I think that refineries should also respect permissions unless you can think of a better way for them to act...

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