Assembler: Disassembling switches to assembling when you go a few KM away

Molly Moon shared this bug 3 years ago

If you set the assembler to disassemble lots of things enough that is going to take a long time and you fly a few km away and come back. The assember has switched to assemble mode but remembers the number you told it to dissasemble.


you set the assembler to disassemble 30,000 thruster components and fly off to a distant asteroid.

you come back and you find you now have 40,000 thrusters and the assemble is busy building another 20,000.

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Seems to be similar to this issue:

I'm guessing the build queue is broken either way when grid is loaded back in.


I have the same issue. Yes its either flying away a few km's and coming back, or exiting the world and reload the save. Both cases will switch disassembling assemblers to assembling.

Note for all you guys with the same problem, use Isy's Inventory Management script, it will keep disassembling if you configure it to do that. That works around this bug nicely and helps with general inventory management anyway!

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