Armor Textures not Tiling

Rellik Evets shared this bug 3 years ago

One neat feature of SE is that blocks of the same color mesh their textures when placed next to each other. However, it only works for full armor blocks, and it seems to be a combination of problems for the other armor variants.

For 1x2 slant blocks, the texture varies as though it should tile, but they generate out of order and it ends up looking worse than a blank texture would. Please fix.

Half blocks, as some other submissions have mentioned, seem to always render all sides. Proof: go into spectator and fly into the wall of a grid; the full blocks bordering each other are invisible- not rendered- but half blocks are still visible on all sides. This should be fixed for performance reasons. Half blocks also do not tile correctly, but they have a less varied texture so it is less noticeable.

I hope these fixes make it in to an update. They are, after all, changes that would help polish the look of the game-- which I believe is KSH's priority right now.

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

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