Armor suggestion for new update

GuyWithAHat shared this feedback 5 months ago

So, I'm pretty sure that the upcoming update is going to be a combat update, which might rework the guns and maybe add some new weapons, what I've been thinking lately plus the experience and frustration of taking pirate ships (I mean, 4 shots and you're dead, there's gotta be something to help defend yourself from turret fire) is some armor, I was thinking of these armor ideas:

(The armor will ONLY give resistance to ballistic damage [For example, grinders, rifle damage, turret damage] {All of these, except Basic Armor, must be made in an advanced assembler, Basic Armor can be made by a basic assembler})

Basic Armor: Gives a slight damage resistance, light-weight

Enhanced Armor: Gives more damage resistance, heavier weight

Proficient Armor: Gives even more damage resistance, very heavy

Elite Armor: Gives incredible damage resistance, extremely heavy

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Maybe also ad extra materials like titanium, hard to find but gives light very durable armor.

Honestly light armor is useless like wet cardboard, and heavy armor severly limits your mobility so you have to cover your ship fully in thrusters so it can even move and create a lot of weak points. Or make the ship huge with large internal volume to put the thrusters inside.

Yesterday i built a 5k ton ship in creative to use on a server and after trying if it can take off from a planet i hit a tree.

The ship fliped over several times with lightning speed and desintigrated on contact with the ground, so maybe we also need tree proof armor :D

Either way heavy armor creates many more problems than its worth.


To implement this would require a whole lot of reworking stuff and adding new things. A better and easier way to get a similar outcome would be to do something like this: