Armor Blocks Allowing Damage to Pass Through

Alex L shared this bug 4 years ago


We've noticed that our rovers are randomly becoming damaged or destroyed unexpectedly while driving, even at slow speeds. We've been using half armor blocks to protect the underside of our rovers but components within the interior of the ship will become damaged or destroyed while the armor blocks themselves are untouched or only lightly damaged. Out of the 20ish rovers built on our server, 17-18 have been destroyed by this. At the moment rovers are non-usable until this is fixed.


Armor blocks should provide insulation from damage to the blocks behind them in the event of a collision. If I create a sheet of armor and place a battery on top, then drop the sheet only the armor blocks should be damaged (unless the armor blocks were destroyed). The battery should not be destroyed first.


Place a sheet of steel armor half blocks then a sheet or batteries (or other components) on the other side. Now, drop or hit the armored side of the sheet until the components are damaged. The armor blocks in most cases will still be at 100% whereas all the damaged was transferred to the internal blocks, defeating the purpose of using armor in the first place.

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On planets even a slight touch of unfinished light armor blocks falling on to a three layer protection of heavy armor blocks is able to destroy heavy armor blocks and nearby blocks. They behave like glass and are way too weak and this will destroy nearby blocks. Very unrealistic physic behavior imho.

A heavy armor block which gets hit should dampen a hug part of the energy while it gets deformed and then should not pass the destruction into nearby blocks.

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