Armed warhead damage transfer issue.

Isaac Fry shared this bug 3 years ago

When a warhead that is armed collides with something hard enough it detonates as expected.

However, if the warhead is destroyed by block deformation due to an impact to a nearby block it will not detonate.

Easy enough to replicate, but I have attached a blueprint to show this.

Simply make sure warheads are armed and drop the bomb from high up. Note the tiny impact. No actual explosion.

Remove the armour blocks and drop it so that the actual warheads hit the ground. Note the massive difference.

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I'm going to bump this because it's still a thing.


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This still happens. In general the performance of warheads is very inconsistent. This bug is wider than I initially thought, as likely linked to this:

Multiple impacts at once can have an effect on the result of each impact for some reason.