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Kingdom shared this bug 2 years ago
Not a Bug

Topics/bug reports that are 'completed, solved, declined and duplicate' aren't being archived properly. There are 7 'Completed' on the first page alone which have been done for quite some time, and are diluting new and active suggestion.

Also, could you include the archived tag in the 'All Statuses' drop down menu so that we can look through all the stuff that has been fixed. It would certainly look good to show complainers who say you don't listen to the community

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Please submit your suggestion into the feedback section:

Thank you.

Keen Software House: QA Department


Thanks for the response, but I was led to believe the archiving process was automatic based on time after being marked as solved/complete/rejected, which would make this a bug? If that's not the case then I'll redo this as a suggestion.

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