AoE for large grid drills

Björn Eberhardt shared this bug 3 years ago

Small grid drills have the same area of effect as large grid drills even though the latter are slightly larger in diameter. This makes it harder for large ships than small ships to interleave the drills with thrusters without using the right mouse button.

Steps to reproduce:

Two small grid drills can be separated by 1 connector/large atmospheric thruster while still making a hole that lets the ship pass through. In a large grid this is not possible.

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This has been a chronic problem with large-grid ship drills. I recently built a small-grid planetary miner (on wheels) that has a single row of drills. The clearance space, when tunneling, is significantly larger than the vehicle itself. When I built a large-grid version of the same miner (because bigger is better, right?), even stacking the drills three-high would not yield enough vertical (or horizontal, for that matter) space for the vehicle to pass through the created tunnel. If fact, I had to put so many drills on the front that it just tipped over from the weight. Why are the large-grid ship drills crippled this way? This chronic disconnect in drill logic, as it relates to the area of effect, is absolutely frustrating.


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