Allow Player Client to Save Global Toolbar Setup(s)

No Thanks shared this feedback 4 years ago

I can't even tell you all how many times I have had to reset a tool bar, on a new map, on a new server, because the game forgot how I set it up originally.... it's been countless times. At 1900 hours and counting, I've set up my tool bars so many times I mostly remember exactly what I put where on all 9 pages of assignable hot bar. That brain space that used to contain cherished childhood memories is now dedicated to determining that my power systems are always on tab 3, and that tab 9 is used for whatever random sh|t I might need at the time...

My "idea"... is that KSH allow the client to save a default tool bar setup... or maybe even more than one to be loaded in at a moment's notice instead of making us redo a tool bar we like from memory. This is a QoL addition that many players would appreciate I'm sure.

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Sadly this has never been considered even after 2 years (3 years for the other thread). Its definitely one of those "Quality of Life" things Xocliw was talking about in a recent stream.

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