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Airtightness - Hangar blast door pressurization failure - 100% recreate

SysZer@ shared this bug 7 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

100% recreatable if steps are followed exactly.

steps must be followed to the exact or it will not bug out which make this bug so ridicolus to recreate

1/1/2022 game version 1.199.025

1. Make a brand new custom game survival empty space world with default options.

2. Alt F-10 and under admin tools | Enable creative mode tools | Invulnerable | Untargetable | Can Use All Terminals |

3. F-10 paste in "Bugged 1" Blueprint

4. F-10 paste in " Bugged 2" Blueprint -- will complain about missing blocks -- ignore it and continue.

5. Enter the right side of the bugged 1 thru the air lock and proceed down the hallway to the stairwell access and down to the main hangar

closing all doors behind you.

6. VERY IMPORTANT in the main hangar to the right side there is a hole that needs to be plugged by the welder in the ceilng on the floor.. plugg it...

7. proceed to the button terminal at the fromt of the main hanger and press button 4 to open the main hanger blast doors.

8. go out side and get in the cockpit of pasted in ship "bugged 2" and bring it into the main hangar through the blast doors.

9. using the P button dock the ship to CONNECTOR 8 in the main hangar DO NOT TURN OFF THE THRUSTERS.

10. exit the cockpit and press button 4 on the button terminal to close the main hangar blast doors.

11. after the door closes go to the only air vent in the main hangar and switch from depressurize to pressurize.... at this point the bug has presented itself

but still appears completely normal.

12. notice the slowness of the air filling the room from the vents controll panel that never completes.

13. press button 4 and open the main hanger blast doors and the vent is still green and attempting to pressurize the out side even while the blast door is opening and after.

14. press button 4 to close the main hanger blast doors and the vent and every vent on the grid will fail and be indefinitly yellow untill

server restarts or world is reloaded.

15. every sealed room will fail past this point and pressurization will not longer be possible on any room in any sector of the affected grid.

Please I have put alot of effort into tracking down the root key steps to 100% recreating this nasty bug please help.

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Hello, SysZer@,

thanks for letting us know about this issue. And - wow - thanks for exhausting description and steps to reproduce! It was really great help in reproduction of this issue.

It has been added into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


i will say i am not sure if this is ligit as in it will be fixed sometime in a few days/ weeks or a sense of false hope... it almost seems like a semi-bot generated message.

i assisted in finding the bug with the vents while i was playing

he initially thought modded doors were the issue but i had no issue with pressurizing the room before... he tried to close off every point (having no door or cracks) and have 1 vent and it wouldn't pressurize.

i had a cryo room pressurized and i depressurized it intentionally by grinding the modded airlock door and welded it back and the cryo room wouldn't pressurize.

it took several examples to convince him it was the vents that had a bug in the code that wouldnt allow for pressurization. it has also happened to my Drilling ships interior where it wouldnt pressurize.

if he takes credit for finding it i couldnt care less, as long as the bug is fixed


Keen, Any update on this?


Keen, Update plz hello? whats the progress on this?


Hello, SysZer@,

as you can see from the status, this issue has been reported and is recorded in our internal system. It is currently waiting to be viewed and worked on by a programmer.

Please be aware that if, when and how this bug will be worked on and handled is out of our reach at this phase.

When there is some new information to share, you (as well as all the other players here or in other threads) will be properly informed in the thread by new comment from our side and change of the status. Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


This might be related to the main Pressurization Bug that others have reported- the Hangar doors and Gates were one of the most common doors I encountered the bug with. Hopefully this means that bug will get addressed as well.

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