After update: "Scene too complex" nag with fps drop

Niko Nissinen shared this bug 22 months ago

Since multiplayer overhaul update I've had this "Scene too complex" nag with fps drop. Sometimes it does that multiple times in one second. Didn't have that before the update.

The scene: empty, me and my spaceship that I'm building, which is not ridicilous. No drones, no airtightness, no asteroids, no planets, no cargo ships, limit world size to 100km, voxel and block destruction disabled, adaptive whateverthatwas disabled and so on, safe af settings.

The spaceship:

PCU: 53938

Total Blocks: 5063

Under the hood:

FX-8370 8-core 4,2Ghz (stable, checked with prime95 and aida-64)

32Gb 1600Mhz DDR3 (no damaged sectors)

GTX960 4Gb (Asus oc'd, stable)

SSD (with plenty empty space, not about to break down soon)

Not a potato, no viruses, no malware, no background tasks, not overheating.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64

Graphical settings:

Lowest possble.

The game runs at ~25% cpu usage (taskmanager) and none of the cores are being pushed over about 60% max.

Also I have disabled windows core parking and set the bios settings so that it doesn't change core multiplier or freq.

The game uses aprox 1,7Gb of ram in that scene.

Sometimes the 'server thread cpu load' jumps to over 400% and then the performance issue and lag spike comes. Hope someone can fiqure out what is going on.

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im using a much better CPU, much faster ram, much better hardware all around spawning clang avatar on my server does the same thing but not cause me an fps drop, but a huge sim drop from spawning 2 of them each over 30K PCU vanilla. Both client and server running intel and CPUs not fully used either with one core on high use and the rest low. Both server and player overclocked with the server overclocked by 50%.



do you still have the issue?

Thank you.

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Keen Software House: QA Department



Just tested and noticed that all of my cpu cores are being utilized more than before by the game, which is good! The task manager shows that the game runs now at ~50% to 70% cpu usage. The game runs noticably faster and I get much less fps drops even with full graphics settings and more junk in the game.

There is some room for improvement still, but I concider this as solved!

What ever you did, good job! The game is much more playable than before!


Thank you Niko, I am closing the thread.

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