Admin menu Alt+f10 takes longer after major update.

Xero shared this bug 3 years ago

Admin menu Alt+f10 takes longer to open after major update.

In addition, safe zones only show if you're near them... this creates a problem when you are trying to disable zones and have to fly or teleport directly over to the other safe zones.

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To add... The shift f10 and bp menus also take a bit of fine to load.


i have also noticed a large slowdown, when i blueprint something, it takes a long time to bring up the new BP screen, is there anyway to stop it from bringing up the screen when you take a BP of something? I have never had a situation where i needed that screen opened after taking a BP, and if i ever do, i can just press F10 afterwards

maybe just add a small on screen message to let players know if the BluePrint taking was successful, like the save message in Single Player mode