Add the ability to toggle the original respawn ships, or to use different types

Eric Ledis shared this feedback 3 years ago

With the original pods, a player was able to establish a base capable of supporting multiple players, and much more realistic than individual pods. If a person were to land on another planet, with the idea of establishing a base, they would bring the supplies and machinery to produce what they needed. While the new respawn pods may help new players, it also forces them to mine large amounts of stone with only a hand drill. It is also forced on veteran players, who are used to being able to make a small base. A compromise of the two landers could be a simple assembler and refinery, with an airtight compartment, along with an airlock. This could also teach players at the same time the components of a ship, along with helpful structures. The downgrade of the refinery on the atmospheric lander would allow a much smaller design, and a survival kit could replace the medical bay. Later I will upload a concept of a new lander design, in order to show how the new lander might look and perform.

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