Respawn Ship Mod Respawn Type Bug

Koen van Vliet shared this bug 2 months ago
Not a Bug

I'm trying to make a mod that gives you the option to spawn in a large spawnpod in atmosphere which has a very long cooldown. Now I want to add a secondary smaller atmospheric spawnpod with a smaller cooldown and possibly a third with simply different options than the first. But it just won't work.

Once I add the second pod and add the UseForPlanetsWithAtmosphere tag, the mod breaks, it only shows the default spawning options. These options do seem to use the new prefabs, but it seems to randomly select one of the two pods. This while also not loading the spawnpod icons.

Now if I disable either one of them, the other one will work just fine. Having them both enabled at the same time just breaks..

I simply want to be able to have different spawnpods for different planets, and also to be able to spawn 2 different pods on the same planet.

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The mods' Respawnship.sbc.

And a little gif, if that works.



Same issue here.

The exact problems are as follows:

1. The planet respawn ship MUST be the very first ship tag encountered in the file.

2. You have to also disable the vanilla planet respawn ship, otherwise the modded ships are ignored.

3. If you mod only adds a ship for a particular planet, say Mars only, but want to keep the vanilla ship for other planets, it's more work. You have to do (problem 2 above), and re-add the vanilla drop pod again for the planets you want it on.

4. Ship DisplayName is totally ignored for planets/moons, your's isn't a Drop Pod ? Tough, you can't change the name.

5. No matter what you do, you cannot have more than one respawn ship for the same planet. Makes having a proper set of planet respawn ships impossible.


This is working as designed, not a bug.

Whenever there is more than one (re)spawn ship that meets conditions for any given planet and you choose to respawn on such planet, final respawn ship is randomly selected from a pool of available options.

Naturally when there is more than one respawn ship option for any given planet, the tooltip is not shown as the final ship selection will be made (and will be known) by a server upon your spawn.