Add setting to prevent connectors from unlocking when p is pressed

Calum McConnell shared this feedback 2 months ago

Right now, if I am driving a truck with a miner on the roof, I need to be sure to bind '1' to a handbrake toggle: because if I press 'p', which I normally would, the connector unlocks and flys away.

The same applies if one is docking a carrier: you cant lock you're connectors with 'p', because then all your planes with fall out.

The solution I propose is a setting "slave to park" or maybe "toggle on park". What this does is it determines whether the connector is toggled when a controller on that grid hits 'p'. Thus, the connector on the roof of my truck could have that set to false, and the one in the back is true. Then, if I push P, the one in the back toggles, but the one on the roof does not. Perhaps it should also be availble for landing gears, though those can just be switched 'off' if toggling is not desired.

Another example would be that, if a fighter chooses to park in a hanger (hanger connectors are 'false': fighter are 'true'. they can simply lock or unlock their connectors with 'p': the setting on the hanger connectors is irrelevant. But if the carrier ship unlocks from its connection to a base with 'p', the fighters remain connected.

I think this would be fairly easy to implement, but would make an EXCELLENT QoL feature. No more hearing terrifying smashing as you accelerate away from base, realizing that every fighter in your bay is hitting each other. Please consider it!



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There's a couple of these suggestions. I've got one too, but this guys' is the biggest right now. Let's all bump his for unity? Get Keen to see these!