Please separate keybind for Landing Gear, Wheel Brakes, Connectors, and optionally Color Picker

DarkSlayerEX shared this feedback 2 years ago

I'd like to request splitting the keybinds for

Landing Gear, Wheel Brakes, Connectors, and possibly even the Color picker.

I'm sure you could bind them all to P by default still, but please allow us to be able to turn on/off wheel brakes/landing gear without also automatically toggling connectors.

The toolbars can already be crowded enough as it is, and when you have wheels and connectors connecting multiple segments of your ship together, P is basically a death sentence.

I've on multiple occassions been lugging around a thruster-based module behind me using connectors (since merge blocks doesn't seem to play well with remote controls and some other things at times...) and well, hitting the brakes will on many occassions just cause the module (which i had powered down the thrusters to save power) just falls and in most cases, explodes due to speeds, or the impact.

I've been playing SE for probably 5 years now (If i recall correctly, steam doesn't seem to want to go back far enough to confirm the date), and I'd love to keep playing more and more. This keybind issue is just starting to get too much for me though.

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Or add an option in the terminal to "React to parking break input" so one could manually remove connectors if landing gear that serve another purpose.


Yes, being able to disable/enable toggles for each type in the cockpit could work too..


I have a rover that transports an atmospheric ship that uses a connector, and this would be SO useful to not have to find level ground to park in place without risking my ship falling off because the connector also got unlocked because I parked there.


Please for the love of space engineers separate these, or allow for individual control for the wheel parking brake through seats or remote controls.