7 ID Cards acquired, no objective completion - Frostbite

Cee Cee shared this bug 3 months ago

Acquired the 7 ID cards and had them in personal inventory prior to bringing the 4 Data containers to the landing platform and prompting the finality of the scenario. After the cut scene and returning to game play the ID cards are still in possession. Is the secondary objective completion bugged? Do we collect the ID cards just for the sake of collecting them? It's a little frustrating to spend quite a bit of time searching for them if there is no in game objective to complete other than for the sake of collecting them otherwise the ID cards can and should be completely bypassed. Why would the scenario creator go through such effort in hiding them if there wasn't an objective to complete other then just collecting them. It might be asking a bit much but this secondary objective deserves a steam achievement.


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For anyone wondering about the secondary objective, if they should be concerned about completing it or not.

The ID cards are an unnecessary side quest that produces no in game objective completion. They are not required to complete the Frostbite scenario and should be ignored.