3440x1440 Dual 4:3 - Menu displayed cut

Jonas Volkmer shared this bug 23 months ago

The menu of new functions of the Economy Update is displayed incorrectly at the resolution of 3440x1440 despite being displayed correctly at the same aspect ratio of 2560x1080.

See attached screenshots for examples.

Thanks for the otherwise amazing update (and maybe for fixing this issue) :)

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Somehow all images got uploaded but only one shows for me atm... Maybe it has to do with data size limits. So to be safe I'll upload smaller versions in the comments.


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I've the same issue with the resolution 5120x1440 (32:9)

It seems to be a scaling issue on all the newer economy menus for all wide screen resolutions above 1080p, where every other (older) menu is being displayed perfectly fine. Every other tested 16:9 resolution and even the 3840x1080 resolution was also fine.

Seems that somebody forgot to set the menu scaling fix on screen height rather than width x height, which should be an easy enough bugfix anyway.