Unknown Signals Stop Spawning

Axel shared this bug 15 months ago


vanilla survival mode (but experimental too) - offline game - and I dunno why it happens: Suddenly no unknown signals anymore. No matter what I do.

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Editing origin post is not possible, so here is my EDIT:

I found out in the appropriate savegame "Sandbox.sbc" there are following strings ("xxxx" are characters I swapped out because the original characters (sequences) are variable characters or ones that are savegame specific but don't contribute to it!):

Original is:

At the beginning in a new(!) game there's always no problems with the unknown signals (hereinafter referred to as "ufo's").  

After a while it stops spawning - and I dunno why. Nobody knows why.

Then I refer back to the savegame and look ahead for:

Why does it change to false?

I don't know!

Changing this to "true" back again, then saving, then reload the game, everything works fine again. But not for long!

After a while it stops spawning again and I've noticed as well just right about loading the game (I'm using Notepad++ so it tells me immediately if a file changes), the string "false" is setting back again.

So, it's very obviously a Bug which is existing since years. Please solve it!

It's a Vanilla Savegame, so far, this time in experimental mode. But that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if in exp. mode or not, if using mods or not or even using scripts or not.

The game decides for itself, there are no more Ufo's, for whatever reason.

Please DEV's let me know, if you need more/further Info's.

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Axel


I had the same last month for sure. I also looked at that sbc file in notepad++, and made sure to set that value to true instead of false and pasted in my (Steam) SE user id, and then it worked for a day and stopped again the next. My game was modded so I didn't complain to support.

Ironically, I joined a multiplayer game (via Steam "join") shortly after, and I got (what felt like) twice as many Cargo Drops, and the host got zero.

When mods are updated, do they perhaps put other users' (the modders') ID into my sbc file and reset my values, by accident? I don't know how that works. In any case, I had other people's IDs in my singleplayer modded game under PlayerContainerData.


Hello, Axel,

thank you for reporting to us. Thank you also for including the temporary fix you found. I reported it into our internal system.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department


A very naïve work-around:


Just a few lines of PowerShell that makes the Sandbox.sbc edit.

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