28000 pcu ship gone

Mathieu Legresley shared this bug 30 days ago

i was disconnected in my ship merge on my brother's ship, and my brother went to a trading station and was not able to connect his ship to the station cause of my ship so he disconnected the merge bloc on my ship to just move my ship like 10 meter up just to be able to connect to station. i had over 20 batteries and 2 huge nuclear reactor with 900 uranium bars both and 5 tank of hydrogen full… it was all operation ! and my brother while trading (it took less then 10 min) saw my body fall off and the ship just vanish like that…. i would like to get back my ship i spend over a month to build. it just happen today 2020-06-3 around 3:30 pm

server name : CA #1

steam account name : elgreyley

please find the file of what was my ship and put it back where it was

thank for the support

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