Simulation CPU Load goes 100%+ every 10 seconds

Bohdan shared this bug 5 months ago
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Hello, guys! I really love this game, but it goes unplayable now. We hosted a dedicated server, made a base, and my game goes very laggy when sim cpu load goes 100%-450%.

I've re-installed a game, overcooked my processor (i5-6600k), lowered graphic settings (GTX 970) to low, cleared all disks, re-installed my windows and nothing helped.

Most incredible thing is my teammates, co-engineers at same server have more old PCs with older processor and videocard and they have no lags at all. Please advise.

I want to play this game VERY much.

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Hello, Bohdan,

thanks for letting us know.

From your log, I can see that there is quite a lot of mods. It the behavior same, when you try to play solo game or join some other server with no mods? Can you please try?

I would also appreciate the log from the server itself, if you are able to obtain it. Can you please ask the server admin and sent it here to me?

In the meantime, you can try these workarounds:

  • Verify your game files in Steam – right click on Space Engineers in Steam Library → Properties → Local Files → Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Delete SpaceEngineers.cfg file (it means your game configuration will be deleted) – you can access your SpaceEngineers.cfg by typing %appdata% into your Windows search bar and you will be redirected to the hidden Roaming folder. After that just follow: \Roaming\SpaceEngineers.
  • Delete ShaderCache folder – same access as above
  • Back up your whole Space Engineers Roaming folder and delete it
  • Restart Steam
  • Reinstall VC Redist 2017
  • Update graphic drivers
  • Reinstall the game (you are writing that you already did it, but please perform very clean install. After the uninstall, check both folders (the Roaming one and the Steam one as well), if there are any leftover files. If yes, delete those before intalling the game again and do PC restart afterwards)
  • Make sure your operating system is fully updated

Please let me know. If nothing from above would work for you, I would love to see the server log and your new log as well.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hello, Ondrej!

I will try to load same game solo at evening and reply you soon. Also I will send you my personal and server logs. Thanks!

BTW I've tried everything from that list with workarounds and much more and nothing helped.

I will repeat that my friends play with same mods and have no lags at all. Not even one. And they have older pc's. Maybe something with my hardware and you can focus me on that, depending on your experience

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