Admin issues on Dedicated Server (ServerBlend server)

Ian Lawson shared this bug 5 months ago
Won't Fix

Hi Keen-SWH, it’s Ian Lawson.

I am having an issue with getting admin permissions on my server to work.

I have sought the help of the server providers support team at server blend on this issue, upon looking in my logs there are no errors that are being shown related to why the permissions aren’t working. I have made sure that lines of code that are required for the admin stuff to work are correct and the Serverblend team confirmed this.

This issue only came about after I disabled progression in the world config so we could build all of the blocks that we needed.

After I changed this setting, the admin settings stopped working on the world. I have tried everything that I could think of to fix it.

I’m just wondering if this is a bug with the game or is it another issue.

Many thanks and best regards,

Ian Lawson

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Thank you for contacting us. Since this is a bug report, I'm moving your ticket to our support page, where our QA team will take care of you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House


Hello, Ian,

thanks for reaching our forum with you problem. We are sorry that you are experiencing it.

However, when I tried, I have no simillar issue. I was admin before the server was started for the first time (survival, with progression enabled). I was admin when I was in game. I closed the game, uncheck the progression and run the server again. I still was admin with all the right that I should have.

Can you please share me more information? What admin right have you lost after disabling the progression? What exactly you could not do in the game? Do you still see yourself as admin in the F3 menu (5 stars in Rank field)?

Also... why did you decide to pick this approach? Is there any specific reason you done it like this? Once you are admin, you can open the Admin screen (Alt + F10) and set the needed things there as well; like creative mode in this case, which is going to unlock all the blocks for you as well.

Can you try this approach instead, please? See my screens for comparison.

Any more information would help as well.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


The issue is that i have lost all admin perms and admin rank after disabling progression. I own the server throught Serverblend and added my steam id to the serves admin list and it isn't working, i shall attach screenshots to help claryify the issue. 8674c4921a0d0d48e6c11f31053e6402 That is the code that is required with my steam ID.


That is the message that i am getting when i try to acces the admin panel. 7ea98fa3422a3d66d4acc9ec93c8533e

there are no stars next to my name when there sould be. I have tried to create new worlds on the server and add myself as an admin with teh exact messages above being displayed.

Kind Regards,



Hello, Ian,

thanks for comming back with the reply.

So I tried to load back again to my server from yesterday, but still no luck with reproduction this issue. I'm still admin, as expected.

Unfortunately, since you use other provider (Serverblend) I think you need to sort this issue out with them.

As said before, it's working fine when I do try it on our Steam Dedicated Server app. Can you please try it there as well? You should have access to it from Steam Library by enabling the Tools option as shown on my image. That should add you the Space Engineers Dedicated Server.

Can you please try the very same there? If it would work for you fine (as it did for me), then it's really most likely issue on the side of the server provider (Serverblend) and you would need to sort this issue out with their support.

Please let me know.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hello, Engineer!

Because there is no new comment from you, and we are unable to reproduce the issue on our own, I will close this thread now as outdated.

If you or any other player will experience this issue again, please make a new thread and provide all needed info there.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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