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error 404 shared this bug 20 months ago


I was instructed to open a new bug report regarding the usage of decimal seperators in numbers, in this specific scenario it concerns the displayed weight of the ship in the bottom right corner.

I find the long number unreadable since no apostrophes or comas are used.

I would request that the current style of writing be updated to international norm and proper seperators used, just as with any other number everywhere.

Oh btw, i saw a player post a picture ,on discord, of his ship and the weight had seperators, so i hoped you fixed it alredy, sadly it was a mod.

You often find inspiration in mods, so here is another you could look into.

See pics.

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Hello, error 404,

thanks for letting us know.

Issue was reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


15 months and any progress?

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