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This ONE CHANGE would FIX Space Engineers

Rawr Rawr Rawr shared this feedback 4 months ago
Not Enough Votes

Found this video, couldn't agree with it more. Some of the comments also have good ideas. Keen plz consider this...

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The video is just "we need progression and an endgame" .There are already many proposals like that here. Give them your vote


I left a suggestion that I think tackles the problems with SE's lack of endgame and progression mentioned in hat video (as well as Ideas for improved NPC factions.)

Here's the tittle and link:

Ideas concerning game content and game progression:


The economy system and progression system needs a rework


We need a re-balancing and expanded the economy system.

Need larger haling contracts, no more deliver 100 steel plats and 20 oxygen bottles. It should be bulk cargo in the 1K or 10K items, making a cargo ship a more useful thing. Unlock new harder and harder escort missions and larger haling attractants when reputation progress with a NPC faction. Gaining I high reputation level with one faction can make you a hostile for another NPC faction and they put out bounty on you but also can tip off outer players to try and stop you when your out on a specific missions like escort and repair. New harder missions types could also involve doing raids on outer NPC stations with the coming new AI update.

We also need have larger freedom setting prices and be able to sell ships and hydrogen for refueling ships in our own trade stations.


Current progression system to unlock blocks is fine for new players in single player game but quick become tiresome for experienced players and multiplayer games.

Make economy system part of progression system when enabled. Rewarding players with unlocking new blocks after gaining a certain reputation levels with a NPC faction. Either by unlocking new blocks schematics in the NPC stores or finding them as loot items on special missions. For example unlocking the Jump drive block could require you to travel to a station on the moon to buy the block schematic. Unlocking the more power full weapons could be traveling to space station on another planets of find the schematic as loot on a ship.

Different factions has access to different technology. You need to travel to and explore new planets and find new NPC traditions or defeat NPC bases to gather all block schematics.


Don't bother with Erik's proposal. He's been piggybacking his crap ideas off everyone's suggestions.

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