No block visualization in cockpits (building with Ctrl+G)

PÁRKÁNY shared this bug 7 months ago
Won't Fix

While playing survival it often happens that I cannot see the blocks I am trying to place. This only happens while building from a cockpit with Ctrl+G.

This can be really annoying when placing anything other than cubes.


-Start a survival world (maybe it can also happen in creative?)

-Get into a ship with a cockpit that you can build from

-After building for a while the visualization will stop showing up when looking at a grid (getting in and out of the cockpit can sometimes make it happen sooner)

I will update this post if I find the exact cause.

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Hello, Engineer!

Sorry that you're experiencing this issue. I'm afraid I have been looking into this but have been unable to reproduce the issue. Are you using any mods at all? There was no mention of any in your post. Would it please be possible to provide a video of this happening? Any reliable steps would be great if possible (as you mention trying to find the exact cause)

Kind Regards

Laura Knight

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