steel series stratus x controller not working with space engineers shared this bug 4 months ago
Won't Fix

ive been dealing with this bug for years off and on and its beyond frustrating whenever i connect my controller its always been easy. turn it on wait for it to connect then play your game. works 100 percent of the time on every other game in my steam library. but space engineers is different. the game wants to force you to play with keyboard and mouse no matter what you do. controllers connected and works fine? not with space engineers. disconnected your keyboard and mouse huh? still wants to use controls that arent there. cherry on top im going to use steam enable to force the game to bend down to my will as it should. STILL WANTS TO USE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. i would like to point out that there is no technology that actively seeks out a certain device even when not connected. the only way this is achieved is through deliberate use of the games code to intentionally disable any and all controller support for a game that actively advertises controller support. that is a federal crim just a friendly fyi. its not like this is a one off thing its directly caused by you. this event of controllers being disabled has absolutely no fix even in the game files. ive tried every possible group of settings and inputs available in my pc steam and space engineers with no success. the only thing that seems to change is time and updates. over a period of 6 to 12 months give or take you guys will update the game and it fixes it..... for about 5 days. then you wait months and months and months again and when it comes back you have to just hope and pray to god that keen doesnt screw it up. so heres my proposal, since you guys are as lazy as 2 snails getting it on in the hot arizona sun why dont you hire me for a week and ill fix the bug myself and then you will have 1 job after that.... TO LEAVE IT ALONE. the controller scheme is a tried and true method of maximizing game performance and output during gameplay so seeing a company of your caliber have such a piss poor system that doesnt even let you use your controller as advertised is one of the most autistic things i couldve ever imagined happy to any game on the indusrty much less space engineers, i just dont understand it. nobdoy wants new ai, or a new server or a new gun or new this and that you know why? because if you sold me a car that doesnt work why would i be excited about the new stuff that wont work because the old issues still exist. turrets often dont fire at all for no reason ive lost whole bases to 1 single spat raider drone because aparently whenever i build a turret put ammo inside it set it to max range nothing with fire. then you added 2 new weapons that would you believe it DID THE SAME DAMN THING. ill end this with a quote. no matter how much gold you sprinkle onto a turd, deep down, at its core, its still just a turd. Please just fix the game no more new shit no ai no quests nothing the next update better say overhaul patch an entire rework of the game to weed out all of the game breaking glitches. i dont care about small bugs in game atm just the game breaking controller not responding and turrets not shooting. fix it fix it fix it fix it!!!!!!!

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Hello, Engineer!

As mentioned in your previous thread regarding the same issue, I stated that I had some news back regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be solved at the moment. We officially fully support just the Xbox controller.

If you have bugs, please create one bug per post and we will look into these for you.

If you have any helpful feedback, we are always looking for new ways to improve! Feedback from our community has shaped Space Engineers into what it is today. We value your time and appreciate you taking a moment from your day to share your ideas with us.

If you would like to contribute your ideas on how you feel we can improve Space Engineers please leave us feedback here:

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department

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