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Enable Safe Zone in timer blocks/sensors and other toolbars

Wellington 6012 shared this feedback 3 months ago
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When loading Safe Zone actions into cockpit toolbars, timer/sensor/button actions, cockpit/custom controller actions [after being locked onto], the Safe Zone block only give me actions related to the LCD screen. I would like to be able to enable/disable my Safe Zone automatically using timers, or buttons placed throughout my base. Currently I can only do it by accessing the safe zone in the control panel screen and scrolling down to the enable button, which is difficult to while in a panic state due to a space pirate ship looming. Using a timer/toolbar action to turn ON/OFF the safe zone will enable/disable the zone, if I have enable it during my current session, but the enabled state does carry across to subsequent game loads. I'll don't think this is a bug, rather an omission, which would be great if it could be included, especially now we have the action function for when someone locks onto you.

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Absolutely! I ran into this just recently... first time I ever used a Safe Zone. I was really surprised that it was missing:

* Enable

* Add all contained grids

* Any of the config options (eg: enable weapons, enable landing gear lock, etc.)

There's already a 2 minute startup delay, so it can't be because this would be overpowered.


Im just having the same problem!! I was looking everywhere for someone just asking for this xd

I build a alarm system in my base with a ctc - which when it detactes an enemy, turns the safe zone ON - And when i put the safe zone on ENABLED before, it will load one!

Still im having the same issue, that after sometime it seems to forget that i enabled the safe zone.

Im trying to figure out what causes this, it seems not to be a single server restart i already tested it on a public server, nor is it caused by you being offline and die. maybe its a connection of both or several server restarts - ill try to find out xd

But of course a simple "Enable/Disable Safe Zone" function for the toolbar would solve the issue!

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