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Make NPC Shops Guarantee Basic Handheld Tools

Jouster500 shared this feedback 16 months ago
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You're hitchhiking through the galaxy after your home station suffered a catastrophic failure. You had no time dropping to gather your tools and simply took an escape pod and some credits before jettisoning to safety. Its been days when you suddenly find a friendly trade faction! "Im saved!" you excitedly exclaim as you gather your scraps in the hope to sell them off to get a basic kit going again and start anew at the nearest asteroid. You dash to the store...

... only to find the store does not stock any of the handheld tools you need.

If any of you happen to be in the unfortunate circumstance as this engineer (or simply starting the game without any tools), you are at the mercy of the shops RNG to stock tools for you to purchase (Seriously, how does a faction station not have basic and spare handheld tools on site ready to sell to anyone desperately needing them?).

Stores should always provide an option to purchase the basic handheld tools so these poor engineers can get their second chance!

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They should be in a trash bin behind the station that you can search through

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