Thrusters Use No Power With Autopilot On A Dedicated Server

K.Hunter shared this bug 3 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

On a dedicated server, when you put a remote control block on your atmospheric ship and try to use its autopilot to navigate to a waypoint, it will actually move towards the waypoint without issues (as long as you have a line of sight to it...), however the atmospheric thrusters will draw no power at all. Your ship will likely display a few days of energy available in its batteries and it will act as if you're sitting on the ground with your dampeners off. This creates some major gameplay exploits and is also quite unfortunate for those who want to sometimes use autopilot on their ships without having it feel like cheating.

Repro steps:

1) Create a dedicated test server with Earth-like start and promote yourself to admin.

2) Join the FSTC faction and spawn at the medical room on the FSTC station.

3) Go to one of the ships available there and use admin tools to add a remote control block to the ship.

4) Get in the cockpit and hover over the ground and take note of the time you have left before you run out of energy. Have a look at the batteries and see how much power the ship is drawing.

4) Now gain some altitude and then give the RC block a waypoint some kilometers away and turn autopilot on.

5) Notice that instantly the thrusters will appear as if they just cut off. The sounds and flame effects will return to idle, even for the lift thrusters, and in fact they will also stop using any energy. You will notice you now have a few days of hovering time showing in the corner (unless you have H2 generators or other miscellaneous blocks turned on, then it could be "just" a few hours) and when you look at your batteries, your power draw is tiny, since only other components are using small amounts of energy, but not the thrusters.

Now I'm sure this happens only on a dedicated server since I tried the exact same thing in singleplayer, and the thrusters were drawing energy as expected. I also have no idea what happens with other thruster types, but it would be a good idea to see if the same thing happens with ion thrusters or whether hydrogen thrusters use any fuel with autopilot.

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Hello Engineer,

We've managed to reproduce the issue you've described. It's been reported to our internal system.

We will update this thread when we know more.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department

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