Performance - Frequent update of PB access rights to blocks

Guest shared this bug 13 months ago

Game version: 1.200.032

Method: MyGridTerminalSystem.UpdateGridBlocksOwnership

Called from MyProgrammableBlock.RunSandboxedProgramAction, which can be frequent on multiplayer servers with PBs triggered a lot.

The ownerID is the owner of the programmable block. Since block and PB ownership changes rarely, frequent calls can be inhibited.

What I did is just allowing for a call every 4-5 seconds, skipping the rest of them. It eliminates most of the CPU load with a minimal delay of access right updates after ownership changes as a potential side effect. There may be a better (proper) fix which invalidates the cache on relevant ownership changes.

See the UpdateGridBlocksOwnershipPrefix patch method of MyGridTerminalSystemPatch in

Run this test world in DS to reproduce (OneDrive due to its size):!AqEgz8G_d8TSh8wPzLoPp_dQDBRb7g?e=eBhsuv

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Hello, Viktor,

thanks for letting us know. Issue was put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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