Performance: Excess memory allocation in MyDataReceiver.UpdateBroadcastersInRange

Viktor Ferenczi shared this bug 9 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

Game version: 1.200.032

Method: MyDataReceiver.UpdateBroadcastersInRange

This method always allocates new HashSets, posing a constant GC pressure:

HashSet<long> longSet1 = new HashSet<long>();
HashSet<long> longSet2 = new HashSet<long>();

It should use pooled objects and just clear them instead of allocating new ones.

Best is to use a per-thread array of instances: ThreadLocal<HashSet<long>[]>

For a working solution please see MyDataReceiverPatch in

Alternative would be to use a bucket pool: MyConcurrentBucketPool<HashSet<long>>

Do not add these instances as members to MyDataReceiver, because it would involve a lot of unnecessary objects, increasing the overall memory consumption and lowering cache locality.

Run this test world in DS to reproduce (OneDrive due to its size):!AqEgz8G_d8TSh8wPzLoPp_dQDBRb7g?e=eBhsuv

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Hello, Viktor,

thanks for letting us know. This issue was reported internally.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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