1.200.032 Target lock always picks small grids over large grids when grids are close

Engi shared this bug 3 months ago
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MP NA#2. Put a small grid inside a large grid hangar or just next to it close and when you try to lock onto the large grid, you cannot, it will always lock onto the small grid. You should be able to select which grid to lock onto by moving your cross hair around the grids to highlight the one you want.

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Hello, Engi,

Thank you for your report. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. I was able to target-lock large grids even when small grids were in the large grid's hangar. See attached screenshot. Can you please provide us with a test world and / or a video?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Keen Software House, QA Department


Keen Server NA#2. Did you try it on a Keen server or DS? Also, that is really close, did you try further away?

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