Performance: MySafeZone.IsSafe is called frequently, but not cached

Guest shared this bug 23 months ago

Game version: 1.200.032

Problem: MySafeZone.IsSafe is called frequently, but its result is not cached.

It badly affects multiplayer worlds with lots of active safe zones with many grids in them.

How to reproduce:

Please see the profiler screenshots attached. On the multiplayer server the save file is from the admins measured 8.44ms / simulation frame (!) spent on safe zones, over 86% of that is spent in IsSafe.

Please see the related patch in the Performance Improvements plugin on how to fix the above.

Search for: MySafeZonePatch

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Hello, Viktor,

thanks for letting us know. Issue was reported internally.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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