1.200.030 Ship Welders do not fix deformation damage

Engi shared this bug 5 months ago
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Ship welders will add parts and weld up the damaged blocks but their deformation damage skin is not reset. You have to hand grind them down to below functional to reset them then weld them back up. You can't even use an elite grinder because some blocks get removed with the slightest of clicks with an elite. This is very tedious. Please fix.

Only other solution is to leave render range of the ship and then come back. That also resets the deformation damage.

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Hello, Engi,

thanks for letting us know!

However, when I did try it, damaged blocks (armor) are fixable from ship welders fully, even the deformation. Tried on creative and survival game as well.

Can you please specify? On what blocks did you try it? Is it still reproducible on current game version (v200.032) or was it issue only on v200.030? Are you trying it on vanilla game (without any mods)? If trying on modded world, can you try to vanilla one as well?

Can you supply a video of this issue happening?

Any more information that you can think of and share with me would be a great help!

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


did you try it on a keen server? I only play on keen servers. specifically NA#2 yes it is still happening. also happens with hand welders. you have to leave render range or grind below functional to get the deformation to go away.

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