Custom Turret Controller forget weapons when detached by merge block

お豆腐さん shared this bug 5 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

I had been experimenting with CTC-guided missiles. They can find the enemy when they were alone, but they can't find the enemy when launched from a ship.

I checked the CTC, and I found the camera and weapon settings were gone. This seems to be occurring when the merge block is turned off and the missile is detached from the ship.

Separation by connectors, rotors, and hinges did not erase the settings.

This was once reported by someone else but was inadvertently sent to Feedback and has been resubmitted as a bug report.

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Thank you for resubmit :)


I stumbled across this bug yesterday and is extremely annoying, but I did some testing and I discovered something.

This bug occours when you merge/separate (using the merge block) the CTC grid to/from a grid WITH MORE PCU. Seems like it doesn't matter what blocks you put on both grids: if the CTC grid has less PCU than the other, the CTC resets azimuth, elevation and camera assignements.

The video attached shows exactly this: I configure a CTC on a really basic grid and then I add more PCU heavy blocks on the other one until the bug occours. It happens 100% of the times, both merging and separating the grids.


It doesn't make any sense whatsoever, therefore I suppose it's linked to some obscure nasty code mess. I really hope it's gonna be fixed in a reasonable time, the CTC is a great addition to the game and doesn't deserve to be so buggy right after release, considering also how limited it is (there are many suggestions on how to improve it, like double hinge/rotor support).


Hello, Engineers!

Sorry that you have experienced this issue. I really appreciate the video as I was able to copy your setup :) I have successfully reproduced the issue and reported this internally.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department

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