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Keen add missing corner/slope blocks

RogueCmdr shared this feedback 5 months ago
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I still feel there is alot of missing slope blocks. Some of us theme Scifi Show/Movie builders (Babylon 5 / Star Trek / etc) finding there is alot of vanilla blocks missing such as Slope Transistions . Some of which are covered in ADQ - Armor Extension (

  • Corner Split 2x1x1 Base
  • Corner Split 2x1x1 Tip
  • Slab Corner Split
  • Slab Inverted Corner Split
  • Slab Raised Corner Split
  • Slab Raised Corner Inset
  • Half Slab Corner Split
  • Slope Transition
  • Half Slope Transition
  • Slab Slope Transition
  • Slope 3x1
  • Slope 3x1 Corner
  • Slope 3x1 Inverted Corner
  • Slope 4x1
  • Slope 4x1 Corner
  • Slope 4x1 Inverted Corner

I would love to see these be made vanilla. I am not only a builder but I am a NPC mod maker and I dont like forcing mods on to users such as this if its not needed and hellps keeps server mod downloads low as well if they already part of the core.

Ships I try to build right now are from Babylon 5 and Eve Online. which has sloped wings thin wings that slope down or up but also slope backwards..

Example ships Babylon 5 White/Grey Star. Romulan Warbird, the Andromeda Acendant, etc.

I am working on a Babylon 5 NPC Mod pack and some of the ships, especially the alien Shadow ones, have alot of slopes and curves and its hard to do without looking jagged and stiff with vanilla blocks.. Also I think if utilities like STL to BP utilities can utilize these blocks as well it would help with the 3d import of ships and better models of ships we can work/design with.

Even the windows of this mod would be great to add

and Ramps from

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I do hope Keen add's this.


More of the basic armor blocks the better. I mean look at Empyrion and just how many various shapes they have for the basic armor blocks... can't let Empyrion be better than SE!!!


I don't think 3x1 or 4x1 slopes will be part of the game, because then people'd ask for all the transition blocks to all the other sizes, and that's totally overwhelming. But the base 1x1 and 1x2 should definitely be there.


There are always going to be blocks missing. (Or "missing".) There is always going to be some idiot who'd want to transition from the 3×5×7 Upper Left Inverted Half Negative Round Hollow Riser to the 8 button on the Control panel, and the forum thread to go with it.

"Babylon 5 White/Grey Star. Romulan Warbird, the Andromeda Ascendant" Yeah, well, SE ain't the game for this. Deal with it. SE's world is cubes. I mean, what's next? Say you get those blocks. Then there are still yet more and finer shapes to replicate. "Wee, I want a small-grid block that has the shape of the 1×1×1 cuboid interval at (2r, π/2φ, 6z)* from an inverted unit rotation hyperboloid so that I can replicate the bowl for the captain's log (wink-wink, nudge-nudge)!". When you do, don't forget to request the porcelain skin DLC to go with it.

Adding more and more blocks doesn't solve the issue of everything being immutable block shapes. There should have been a system right from the beginning that has a couple of basic blocks and a system to generate transition blocks on the fly.

*(For anyone looking up what that shape would be: Yes, that's the joke.)


Dude this aint a place for you to be negitive?> if you cant be helpful, just be quiet and move on.

There beeen plenty of the block request posts that have been added


I'm not negative. I'm realistic.

"There beeen plenty of the block request posts that have been added"

Exactly my point. Guess why there have been ever more requests, some of them even successfully so? Because people found ever more shapes to request. Congratulations on coming to the same conclusion as I did.


Guys, this isnt a place to argue. You either:

A) Agree and upvote.

B) Dont care and move the fuck on.


A porcelain or more like a ceramic skin is actually something I wish for. Should open a new thread, I know.


Also round blocks that make a 3x3 cilinder or sphere would be nice. Teres not much point for 2x2 armor cilinder, because you can't put anything inside.

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