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1x1 Advanced Rotor

Bradley Johnson shared this feedback 9 months ago

I feel like we need a 1x1 advanced rotor to go along side the 1x1 hinge with the new turret controller systems, so that we can make more compact turrets that are fed into the ship's conveyor system.

I want to add a custom turret to a small ship, but I would either need to give it its own storage, or use a 3x3 advanced rotor and hinge... The problem is that this is way too large for this size of ship.


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All theese threads combined have more than enough votes to make it happen, if we disregard their time span.

Also now we would need armored hinges and rotors to make custom turrets more durable.

But you know keen, they just whine and make up exscuses and do jack shit.

They are fighting the hacking spree atm, than it will be somethingh ealse and they will never come around to making somethingh usefull.


These threads have repeat votes from players. Mine, for example.

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