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Thruster override is broken [1.200.030] - Test world, video, 100% repro

Viktor Ferenczi shared this bug 11 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

Game version: 1.200.030

Problem: While this version fixes the CPU overhead issue, it introduces a thruster override bug.

Video: (unlisted)

How to reproduce (100%):

  • Load the test world attached
  • Spawn to SPAWN HERE
  • Enter the red cockpit
  • Switch to external view (V)
  • Rotate the view to see the ship from the side
  • The dampener is keeping the ship afloat over the ground
  • Press E, it must start ascending slowly
  • Open the Terminal (K)
  • Search for block group: Large Thrusters
  • Select the group, it will be the 4 large hydrogen thrusters at the bottom
  • Set the thruster override for the group to maximum
  • The ship is expected to raise (that's what it did in 1.200.029)
  • But the ship will fall and badly crash its back into the ground

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I've tried the same override in space. There is some acceleration provided by the 4 large hydrogen thrusters when they are overridden, so the thrust override itself works.

Maybe it has something to do with dampener is apparently not using the rest of the downward thrusters to keep the ship afloat while those 4 large ones are overridden.

So it may not be a thruster override issue, but a change in dampener behavior. It is different from 1.199.029, where overriding the 4 large hydrogen thrusters to maximum caused the ship to move upwards slowly. Maybe this was an intentional change.

When I try with another ship with large atmospheric thrusters the PB can control them just as well as in 1.199.029:

If you give the parameter "to orbit", "stop" or "to ground" to the PB with Elika in its name, then it controls the atmo thrusters just fine.

So it may not be a bug, just a feature (change). Please confirm.

But I have not seen any mention of dampener fix in the release notes of 1.200.030.


Hello, Viktor,

thanks for letting us know about this issue.

Thanks to steps written above, video and save, the issue was successfully reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Just mentioning it again, the override is not broken.

The dampener behavior has changed and it is either not intuitive or not well documented.

Right now it seems the dampener stops working if there is any overridden thruster. I'm not sure it is in all directions or only in the overridden one.

I think the dampener (if enabled in the cockpit) should continue to operate all thrusters which has override disabled. It would prevent surprises. If somebody wants to override all thrusters or the opposite side, then it can be done manually (or from a PB script) for full control in that direction.

Could you please clarify how the dampener is supposed to work?

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