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Projector movement directions do not match rotation directions

Engi shared this bug 6 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

If you place a projector with the cross down and the line forward, you get the correct horizontal, forward and vertical movements when you move the sliders while standing behind it. However, When you slide the yaw slider, it pitches and when you slide the pitch slider it yaws. Roll is roll but it is opposite the direction of the slider. This has been this way for as long as I can remember.

The new update has renewed my interest in bug reporting all these issues as I am enjoying the update a lot. Thank you for all the new mechanics, weapons and blocks. There are a lot of little bugs and I'm reporting all of them as I come across them. I have bought ever DLC and deluxe and medieval. Please keep them coming and please focus on bugs. :)

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Horizontal shift uses the right axis but the wrong sign:


Same for vertical shift. Right axis and wrong sign:


So, with this, you start to think, "hey, maybe it's from the perspective of the projection, not the projector!" Enter Forward shift, which, for some reason, manages to be correct in both axis and sign:


Pitch uses the Yaw axis with the wrong sign:


Yaw uses the Pitch axis, but at least the sign is correct:


Roll uses the right axis, but the sign is wrong again:


You can't make this shit up.

World file attached. See this mess for yourself.


Corrections and amendments:

Pitch uses the Yaw axis with the correct sign per RHR but arguably not per practical convention. ("Turn right" sounds like it should be a positive angle.)

Yaw uses the Pitch axis, but at least the sign matches RHR and practical convention. ("pitch up" sounds like angles should be positive.)

Roll uses the right axis, but the sign is wrong, both per practical convention AND per RHR.


"Practical convention" may well be a cultural thing. Other users from around the world may have different views on what direction positive angles should indicate.

RHR means right-hand rule, as in, with the thumb of the right hand pointing in the positive direction of an axis, the curled fingers indicate the direction of positive angles. It may not actually be the rule SE uses, but at least it is one reliable rule to go by.

Oh, and naturally, it may not be, if rotors can be taken as an indication of that:


(But even so it still doesn't change the fact that the projector's understanding of rotational direction is inconsistent across its axes.)


Hello, Engineers!

Thank you for the information. I have successfully reproduced this and reported it internally.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department


You're welcome.

(No, I'm not pissed at QA, I'm pissed at Keen management that issues like this one don't get addressed or even registered until a friendly nudge from players helps them on their way.)

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