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Sensor detects small grid while it is locked with landing gear inside sensor area

Engi shared this bug 4 months ago
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Single player, creative. 1.200.029. Sensor is detecting small grid even though it it locked to large grid inside of sensor area. With show sensor range on, it is showing green while small grid is in the area but magnetic plate locked to large grid that the sensor is mounted on.

Not sure when this changed but I have used landing gear and connector locks in the past to make the sensor not see the grid.

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Hello Engineer,

We've been unable to reproduce the issue on our side, sensors are not detecting ships locked to the same grid with landing gears or magnetic plates on versions 199, 200 and 201.

Would it be possible to upload the world were you're able to reproduce the issue to and share the link in this thread? That would help us reproduce this issue.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department


See picture, small grid mag locked to floor is still detected by sensor. Current version of the game as of Today. Single player creative.

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