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Crash on jump - 100% reproducible with test world

Viktor Ferenczi shared this bug 11 months ago

Game version: 1.200.027

Problem: Game crashes when a ship jumps.

Reproducibility: 100%

No mods, no plugins. Limited 100km empty world. Single ship.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached test world
  2. Spawn to SPAWN HERE
  3. Go down one level (follow the red LCD panels)
  4. Enter the cockpit
  5. Switch to external view (I'm not sure it is required, but that's how I got the crash)
  6. Press 5 on the cockpit toolbar to jump (preconfigured short blind jump next to the Moon)

The game will start the jump, but then crashes while playing the "player hurt" sound once.

Nothing usable at or near the end of log files, at least for me. So adding them both, just in case.

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Additional information:

Instead of jumping I tried to just fly ahead with the ship at 100m/s in the same direction with dumpener turned OFF. After a minute of flying the game got frozen in the Main thread inside HkJobQueue.ProcessAllJobs.

The game continued to play audio, the thrusters are still blipping (rendering is running), the EOS thread is still running (based on the debugger). But the game does not accept any input anymore.

The game's main log file stopped when the freeze happened. The end of VRageRender log seems to be similar to the other one above. So I attach it here.

Also attached the debugger's screen showing where it got frozen inside. The breakpoint I set on the next line cannot be reached, even if I let the game to continue. Main thread completely frozen up.


Hello, Viktor!

Thank you for your report. I have been able to replicate the issue with the attached world, however I'm struggling to reproduce this problem with pasted ship. Can you please also provide us a save of your world? Thank you!

Kind regards,

Keen Software House, QA Department


Still crashes the same way with game version 1.200.029

Same test world, exact same behavior.

New logs attached.


Hello, Engineer!

The fix for this is in v201

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department

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