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Custom turrets components get mixed up.

error 404 shared this bug 6 months ago
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I built 5 custom - hinge ball- turrets. They are on the same grid. Every one i have built i have named its components so they dont get mixed up.

If i save the world and restart game, when i get back turrets dont work, they just randomly rotate or spazz out, or do nothingh at all. There are just various components all mixed up, such as custom controller 1, camera 5, hinge 3, rotor 2 etc.

Give me instructions how to attach a world file and i will do so.

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I would like to correct myself, i should use word blocks rather than components. by "components" i meant cameras, rotors, hinges, guns etc, all parts of a custom turret. Most people would concider components to be that which is made in the assembler.

Sorry for that.

I hope its understandable anyway.


Hello, error 404,

thanks for letting us know.

However, this said issue was not happening to me when tried on my ship/base with multiple CTC blocks, every assigned with its own parts. After save and loading back again, all settings were persistent with how they have been set prior saving and leaving the game.

Can I please ask you to send me the save file, where you can observe this behavior?

You can access your save files by typing %appdata% into your Windows search bar and you will be redirected to the hidden Roaming folder. After that just follow: \Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Saves. There should be a folder with your SteamID and your saves.

Please zip the file and attach it here. If you are having difficulty attaching files you can optionally use Google Drive. When sharing a google drive link please make sure it is set to be downloadable by anyone with the link.

If you can also provide a video so I can see exactly what you are doing when this issue happens, that would help as well.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Will do.

I hope i still have the file, it has been 22 days since i posted.


Hello, the first day or so when i exited the game and got back in this bug would happen, i have been trying to get it to happen for the last 4 days and it doesnt.

Still here is the file, have fun.

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