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UI / UX Suggestion for store discount prices

Patrick Heney shared this feedback 15 months ago
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When a price is discounted, put it in green or blue. Gamers generally associate these colors with good things.

Prices that are higher due to poor reputation with a faction should be red. Red, yellow, and orange generally indicate bad things or unavailable things.

Currently discount prices are red, which is odd.


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Not to mention that those red numbers on a darkened, reddish-grey background are insultingly difficult to read, and not just for people with color-vision deficiency.



Red anomaly:


Red anopia:


Complete achromatopsia:



I know Keen has absolutely no sense, let alone intention to have sense, of proper UI design …



… but that comment is now three years old. Maybe that has changed since and it's now time to have that finally revisited?


I mean just adding a Red and Green stock market style arrow to indicate how theyre higher or lower than the average would be a good start. Add to that a small message saying 5% OFF! and you have a more satisfying trade loop.

It would be nice to see this advertised at a distance through the stations antenna or something


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