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US#1 EOS multiplayer - search light and turrets not automatic shoot

Guest shared this feedback 6 months ago
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On US#1 EOS server, small ship with search light, and 3 turrets, all settings correct. Now enemy palyer Large grid ship. A fly closer, closer, ...and nothink happens, no shoot, no search light, no targeting, nada, zero, null, 0. Nothink move.

Same with base, a fly close to enemy base, all is ON, all is settings correct. Search light no targeting, turrets no move, no shoot.

Also more crazy is, enemy player do not know, do not how, where i am. But he know where to fly ! Im sneaky peaky him, and he find systematicaly all bases, directly. Looks like hack. No with holes in ground, i mean, real cheating looks like.

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this is probably the same problem as and probably affects the dedicated server in Survival

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