[187] Replace from clipboard for blueprints does not work for subfolders

Digi shared this bug 5 years ago

Replace from clipboard button works fine if the blueprint you're trying to replace is in the root folder, however if you're using subfolders it just doesn't work.


1. Create a subfolder inside the blueprints folder (%appdata%/SpaceEngineers/Blueprints/local)

2. Load a creative world that allow copy pasting.

3. Open the blueprints menu and enter that folder.

4. Have something in the world and create a blueprint of it (should be created in that subfolder).

5. Paint the thing you blueprinted and copy it, or simply copy something else.

6. In the blueprints menu, select the earlier created blueprint and press "Replace from clipboard".

7. Doubleclick the blueprint and see if it actually contains what you copied.

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