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Geneticus0 shared this bug 3 years ago

UI transparency set to nearly invisible in the game causes UI outside of the game to be unreadable (selecting mod categories when publishing). There is no need for transparency outside of a world.

Mod autoloading and dependency is causing multiple issues.

  • Mod Dependency should be a button in the mod list that parses the added mods and then adds dependencies to the mod list for the world only when pressed. There are some problems with this implementation. It shouldn't have been a black box process.
  • Required mods should be added to the mod list for the world instead of being loaded on the fly. It is impossible now to see if a conflicting mod is in use or disable it because they aren't added to the list. It is also not possible to see which mod is adding it so the parent can be removed unless you look at every mod on the workshop and it's required mods, and each of the required mods' required mods, and so on.
  • If 2 mods have dependencies and the dependencies need to be in a particular order there is no way to set that. So, otherwise, perfectly working mods are broken because autoloading is completely unconfigurable.
  • It is very possible to have colliding dependencies and there is no way to fix the loading order if multiple mods require the same mod or a forked copy that is incompatible with the other fork.
  • Another situation when it is problematic is if you are mod testing in a world and the required mod is one you are trying to test as a local mod. The Local version gets processed before WS version when the game loads which overwrites new changes being tested with old versions from the WS. Yes, you could remove other mods, but that defeats the purpose of compatibility testing with other mods.

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will the speed limit of 100 be removed in future versions?


Repro: Add [Stargate Seeder Exploration Add-on] to a world.

That mod has [[New Version] Stargate Modpack (Server admin block filtering)] as a required mod.

The Second mod has [Text HUD API] as a requirement for it.

There is no indication to the user that the second or third mod will be added.

( A color change like control panel blocks use for terminal colors of nested grids would be helpful here if the mods were listed at all....)

load the world, Requirements are now added.

Save>Exit to Main Menu.

Edit Settings > Mods again.

Still no mention of mods other than the first.


Other Use Cases:

Mod A1 requires Mod B1.

Mod B1 is broken and has been taken over by another modder with permission etc. but the mod id is different because steam...

The end user has no way to tell the game to skip enforcement of the dependency and manually use the replacement mod. (B2)

The End User has no way to add the replacement(B2) to override the original because the required mods are not shown in the UI when added. Placing them in order is not possible if you can't see what the actual load order is.

If they were shown, there should be a tooltip indicating which mod(s) added them in addition to a visual method of separating the parent from the child mods.


Hello Geneticus,

thank you for your suggestions, I will have our team to look at it and provide the feedback.


Another display difficulty. the mods in the left pane do not show if they have or what the dependencies are. That would allow users to be more choosy about what adding a mod might do to their world. This should be checked whenever that list is created or refreshed , then cached for the world load to use instead of re-querying it at load.

The tooltip in the left pane shows the local path to the mod file. Why? They are all in the same folder. The only reason to give the path to the user is if you are going to give them a button inline that opens Explorer and selects that file, which would actually be nice if you want to make it a local mod and/or investigate how it was built. Though it would be better to give a button that goes straight to that mod in the WS.

F5 quick reload should not check for updates at all, just load the save before the last mistake you made....... Either that or rename F5 to "Agonizingly Slow Reload"



this should be improved in next update. There will be a check-box to enable/disable automatic load of dependent mods. It will allow you to load only selected mods in any order you choose. We also tried to add dependent mods into the list as requested but it was quite confusing at some times and probably some big UI changes would be required.

I also reported transparent UI while selecting tags for a workshop item.

Thank you!


Did this get reverted? I see no checkbox. Can dependency checking be whitelisted in the ModAPI? That way Mods can generate dependency lists recursively to look for conflicting mods.

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