[187] ModAPI: BlendTypeEnum.SDR/LDR do not ignore post processing anymore!

Digi shared this bug 5 years ago

This is quite bad, the only reason we used the SDR blend type was to make the billboards act as HUD, ignored by post processing and all that, which worked ok in 186...

But now, I enabled post process to test something else and noticed that my drawn billboards are smeared by it: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/166886199200448512/470639675959148545/unknown.png

I also tested the newly added LDR, has the same issue (the screenshot is actually with LDR).

Steps to replicate:

1. Add this mod to a world: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514062285

2. Have post processing enabled in graphics settings.

3. Equip a block or aim at a block with welder/grinder.

4. Notice the smearing on the topleft or middleright info boxes added by the mod.

NOTE: If they don't show up then Text API is not present for who knows what reason, you need to add the dependency manually then.

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SDR also used to be drawn always on top, if it was in the middle of a ship it would be seen through it, that was also a useful feature for a HUD-like effect.

I'm seeing that SDR has the same value as LDR, 3 and I suspect LDR was added for internal use.

Can we please get SDR to be rendered after post processing so it is not affected by it? Also drawn always on top thing, as it was before in 186. LDR can remain as it is.


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Also having this issue, I'm making custom HUD elements for a survival based mod that represent food/water/fatigue and when you look at a dark area they are fading out while the Vanilla elements do not, please see attached screenshot.


This can be marked solved now since PostPP enum value has been added.

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