[187.2] Wheel can't be respawned because of armor

Digi shared this bug 4 years ago

This is more part 2 of https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/wheels-cannot-be-placed-if-you-have-fenders-around-it - as I am aware those things were fixed, there's apparently more things that need to be fixed.

See attached placement.jpg.

The red blocks can be added just fine when the wheel exists, but if you delete the wheel and try to add it via terminal it won't allow it to spawn.

Similarily, if you place the suspension block in survival with those 2 red blocks there it won't spawn the wheel either, but it will spawn the wheel if you place the suspension with creative tools.

Also if the red blocks don't exist, the wheel can spawn, however then you can place the red blocks again withou issues.


1. Get the WheelSpawnBugs.zip and extract it in blueprints (comes with its own folder)

2. In survival with creative tools enabled, paste that blueprint somewhere without gravity.

3. Remove the wheel without removing the suspension body.

4. Use the terminal to add the wheel to the suspension (this doesn't spawn the wheel)

5. Remove the suspension block and place it again with creative tools, (this spawns the wheel)

6. Turn creative tools off and grind the suspension body and its wheel.

7. Place the suspension block again without creative tools. (this doesn't spawn the wheel).

8. Enable creative tools and remove the red blocks.

9. Re-place the suspension block so that the wheel spawns.

10. Place armor blocks again where the red blocks were (this shows how the cubebuilder doesn't have the same rules as the wheel spawn does),

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