[187.2] Various block physics shapes issues/suggestions

Digi shared this bug 4 years ago

Quite a few blocks have either too few, too many, too complex or inaccurate physics shapes.

I'll be using the names for physical shapes in my descriptions.

Also the screenshots colors are: box=blue, sphere=white wireframe, cylinder=orange wireframe, capsule=2 yellow spheres, convex=red.

  • LargeShip Antenna - floor plate inaccurate and too complex, middle body section too complex.
  • LargeShip Laser Antenna - body could be box.
  • Windows (glass) - square and 2x wide could use box.
  • SmallShip Conveyor Sorter - could be box.
  • Catwalks - 3 of the 4 could use box, last one does use box.
  • Medical Room - the 2 tubes covered by a convex shape could be capsules instead.
  • Oxygen Farm - tube could be cylinder instead of convex.
  • LargeShip Landing Gear - landing plate could be box.
  • Passage - Could use box, do note that passage is used with thrusters, should not result in a tighter inner volume, I recommend making the walls slightly physically thinner to prevent people's builds from breaking.
  • LargeShip Programmable Block - outdated shape, could be just one box.
  • LargeShip Hydrogen Tank - too complex, could use just a cylinder without either of the convex shapes.
  • SmallShip Hydronge Tank - complex and inaccurate, middle box that extruds should be removed and convex replaced by cylinder.
  • SmallShip Large Reactor - too simple, could use some cylinders/capsules or just one sphere.
  • LargeShip Large Reactor - could use cylinders instead of capsules because you can clip the camera inside it.
  • Gatling Gun - too simple, barrel could be a cylinder/capsule.
  • SmallShip Spotlight - too large physics, box could be smaller or be a cylinder.
  • LargeShip Spotlight - unnecessary box, it could be removed or rotated and added another one to be more accurate with the shape.
  • Door - both outer sides have an unnecessary box collider, that one does not work because of the physics trimming outside of block bounding box, use the setup from my screenshot to replicate.
  • LargeShip Drill - unnecessary sphere at the tip, the capsule could be extended.
  • LargeShip Gravity Generators - they have no floor plate and flat gravgen's sphere extends too much under it.
  • LargeShip Gyro - floor plate too complex, could use 1-2 boxes instead.
  • Interior Turret - unnecessary sphere, capsule could be extended or capsule replaced by cylinder so it can also stand up on its own.
  • Flight Seat - complex and inaccurate physics.
  • LargeShip Ore Detector - capsule could be a cylinder to be more accurate.
  • Simple Rotor - too large physics for body, unnecessary convex for largegrid top part.
  • Advanced Rotor - inacurate physics on both stator and top part, should be box - this might break some builds however, might be best to leave it.
  • SmallShip Welder/Grinder - too many boxes compared to their largeship counterparts.
  • LargeShip Small Hydrogen Thruster - could use a cylinder instead of the convex.
  • LargeShip Small Ion Thruster - could use a cylinder instead of convex.
  • LargeShip Large Atmospheric Thruster - could use a cylinder instead of the convex.
  • SmallShip Large Atmospheric Thruster - could use a cylinder instead of the convex, or simply remove the convex and adjust the capsule.
  • LargeShip Large Cargo Container - could use some box shapes instead.

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Say What?

Is this a bug, or a list of aesthetic "suggestions"?? With the exception of the door's box collision note, these don't actually seem to be bugs.


As I said in the title and at the begining, issues with physics shapes, so certainly not asthetic suggestions.

Convex shapes (red) are more expensive to compute than any other shape, it makes no sense to have them where a simpler (and faster) shape can do the same thing, like catwalks can use box, thrusters can use cylinders, etc.

Cheaper physics shapes means less sim speed impact from them.


yeah maybe it should be an 'idea'


I don't think these are aesthetic suggestions. Digi is pointing out mismatches with what we see and the underlying physics shapes the game sees (debug view).

Here's another example:



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