[187.2] ModAPI: SetToolbarSlotToItem causes everyone in server to disconnect

Digi shared this bug 4 years ago

Using MyVisualScriptLogicProvider.SetToolbarSlotToItem() on a client in DS makes everyone disconnect. Does not crash the server and players can rejoin immediately.

Can be replicated solo, steps:

1. Start a DS with this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1496691416

2. Join your DS.

3. After you spawn, press R key (no matter what binds you have) to cause the mod to use SetToolbarSlotToItem.

Now you should be disconnected from the server with no message (or forever paused).

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Hello, Engineer!

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This no longer disconnects but it doesn't do anything either, it's broken in MP.


After some debugging it seems the transmitted MyDefinitionId doesn't reach the other side in a valid state, probably because it's not meant to be serialized, maybe switch to SerialziableDefinitionId?


This was fixed a while back btw, can be closed :P

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